Facial Refreshmente


Patients frequently ask what they can expect the first time they are treated with Botox®.

Botox® is a toxin produced by bacteria, used medically to relax the muscles between your eyebrows (frown lines), the muscles around the outside of your eyes (crow's feet) and the muscles of your forehead.

The goal of this muscle relaxation is to reduce the appearance of any permanent lines you may have in these areas and to slow the process of new line formation. These are unenhanced photos of some of our lovely patients, used with their kind permission:

This first patient requested Botox treatment of the upper face, including frown, forehead and crow's feet lines.

Just seven days after treatment with Botox®, this patient's frown lines and forehead lines are reduced, and her eyebrows are lifted and separated.

Her upper facial muscles are relaxed, and she looks bright and refreshed. Permanent lines remain but are much less noticeable.

A very satisfying reduction in crow's feet lines seven days after treatment with Botox®. These results should peak around day fourteen and last about three months.ACE

As you can see, the result of a full upper face treatment is usually a peaceful, well-rested look with a slight lift of the eyebrows. The idea is to reduce the strength of your muscles-not to "freeze" your face. SPACE

Here's Gretchen after letting her Botox wear off completely, and then 14 days later after 60 units of Botox to her upper face. The difference is subtle but absolutely noticeable. She looks refreshed and reports thet she feels more relaxed.

Any area of the upper face can be treated separately. Botox® is priced per unit, and the number of units recommended for each area depends on muscle size and strength along with your goals and your budget.

The cost is $275 to $450 for frown lines, $250 to $400 for crow's feet lines and $150 to $300 for forehead lines.

Dr. Moran will explain the risks of treatment with Botox® and answer your questions. He will ask you to sign a detailed consent form. The initial consultation and consent will take about 30 minutes. You will be photographed for your medical record.

Your medical history, treatment and medical records are kept strictly confidential. We do not publish photos or share information about you with anyone without your written consent.

For frown lines, expect five small injections between your eyebrows. For crow's feet, expect three or four small injections on the outside of each eye. For the forehead, expect four to eight small injections between your eyebrows and your hairline.

After your injection, remain awake and upright and do not rub your face for four hours. You should not exercise or do anything to raise your blood pressure to avoid bruising. You will be given detailed written instructions.

Please do not expect any results for at least five days. Your face will start to relax around day five. Expect the maximum effect after two weeks. Botox® will last about three months.

You should plan to return in two weeks for a brief follow-up visit so that Dr. Moran can examine your face and photograph your results. Contact us immediately by telephone if you have any problems.

Future visits for Botox® treatment will be very efficient because we keep an exact record of your treatment. This results in much less paperwork. If the treatment plan was successful, there is no need for future photos. You can be in and out in ten minutes.

Please call us if you have any additional questions about Botox®: 901-432-0173.