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"Safe and Effective Use of

Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers"

Welcome to the home of the CME/CDE Accredited Botox and Juvederm Training Course for Dentists, Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers and Registered Nurses! We teach regularly in Memphis, TN, Little Rock, AR, Nashville, TN, and Jackson, MS. Our 2021 Course Dates are now available.

Why Act Now?

We are all working longer and harder for less money. We face increasing regulation, longer hours, more corporate interference, and less insurance reimbursement.

Facial Aesthetics is an exciting multi-billion dollar cash industry. You could easily start a second lucrative cash business with very little additional effort or overhead expense using your existing facilities, supplies and personnel. It is possible that you could recoup the entire cost of your training in as little as two weeks.

Course Design:

We usually train and certify one to four participants at a time. This fun, one-day, low-stress facial aesthetics course is designed to give you the academic knowledge and hands-on clinical training needed to incorporate the injection of Botox and Juvederm into your practice immediately, as well as up to eight hours of CME or CDE credit. See all Continuing Education Credit Statements HERE.

There will be a didactic lecture from 8 am to 11 am followed by a working lunch during an educational video. Patients will arrive at 11 am to begin clinical evaluation and informed consent. We will spend the rest of the afternoon injecting neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Additional details can be found HERE:

Who Will Train Me?

Our Course Director is Dr. Eddie Moran.

He is the author, lecturer and sole clinical faculty member at The 922 Aesthetics® Institute. Dr. Moran is a Board-Certified Physician Anesthesiologist with 30 years of practice experience. He is licensed to practice medicine in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas. Dr. Moran incorporated facial aesthetics into his practice in 2010 and his practice has enjoyed steady growth without any serious complications.

As a non-plastic surgeon injector with over nine years of aesthetics experience and in his fifth year of teaching this course, Dr. Moran feels qualified to train dentists, advanced practice providers, registered nurses and primary care physicians to perform the most common, popular procedures with a strong emphasis on patient safety.

What You Will Receive at the Course:

Your course tuition includes $940 worth of wholesale product - a 1cc syringe of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Gel (Juvederm) and a 100 unit vial of OnoBotulinumToxinA (Botox) to be used in the afternoon hands-on training session. This is enough neurotoxin to treat at least two patients and enough dermal filler to treat one patient.

(Due to Covid-19 we ask thet all lip filler patients bring ID and proof of two vaccine doses at least two weeks prior to the scheduled course.) Masks are required at all times by all course participants and volunteer patients.

All necessary equipment, medications and disposable supplies are included with your course tuition. On the morning of the course, you will receive a notebook with the course syllabus, a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for use as a reference, detailed illustrations, photographs, sample treatment records, consent forms, medical history forms and post-treatment instructions.

A Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler "Quick Start Guide" will also be provided so you can quickly order supplies and easily organize your new facial aesthetics practice.

There will also be a CD with customizable versions of generic consent forms, medical history forms, and treatment records for you to modify, customize (in consultation with your attorney) and incorporate into your existing practice.

Optional Quick Start Kit:

Due to requests by past course participants, there will be an optional Quick Start Kit for sale at the course ($595). This kit will include everything you need to take back to your office and begin injecting immediately. Blunt tipped cannulas, disposable supplies, insulin syringes, medications for special problems and expensive medications that would otherwise have to be bought in bulk will be available. You will still have to establish your account and order your neurotoxins and dermal fillers directly from their manufacturers. They are not included in the kit.

Complete Prescribing Information can be found on the manufacturer's website and can be downloaded here:

Please familiarize yourself with these documents. They will be the cornerstone of the didactic material. (You may claim continuing education credit for all time spent on pre-course study in addition to the course participation up to a total of eight hours.

Advanced Clinical Training Course:

Past course participants have repeatedly requested additional supervised clinical training for the more difficult aesthetics procedures like injecting dermal fillers for lip augmentation with infraorbital and mental nerve blocks. We now offer a five-hour advanced clinical facial aesthetics course for our certified graduates. Please click HERE for complete details.

As always, you may call Gretchen if you have any questions: 901-432-0173. If you go to voicemail, please leave a detailed message and we will call you back promptly.

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