Facial Refreshmente


Patients frequently ask what they can expect the first time they are treated with Juvederm®.

Juvederm® is a tissue-filler used to improve lip fullness and definition, smooth the appearance of lines from nose to lips (nasolabial folds) and soften lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin (marionette lines).

These are unenhanced photos of one of our patients, used with her gracious permission. The "After" photograph was taken immediately following her treatment with one syringe of Juvederm Ultra® to her lips and to the corners of her mouth.

As you can see, the Juvederm® results are immediate and dramatic!

Her youthful appearance is restored. The lips are full and more sharply defined, and the downturn at the corners of the mouth have been corrected. The fine lines of the upper lip are much less noticeable. Her forehead lines, crow's feet lines and frown lines are starting to relax just three days after Botox®. (It usually takes 5-7. Click HERE to see her Botox® results after seven days...)