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Patients frequently ask what they can expect the first time they are treated with Kybella®.

Kybella is a naturally occuring enzyme (deoxycholic acid) indicated for improvement of the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat in adults.

It is injected below the chin to destry fat cells that contribute to "double chin."


Kybella® Before and After Photos


The cost of each treatment will start at $600 per vial. Patients will average 2-4 vials per treatment. Patients average 3-6 treatments to achieve a noticable reduction in fat. A 50% deposit is required to order this product. Call Gretchen for details: 901-432-0173


A single treatment consists of between 20 and 50 small injections below the chin one centimeter apart. Up to six treatments may be administered at intervals no less than one month apart. Since fat cells are destroyed in the process, the treatments should not need to be repeated once a desired outcome is achieved.

Kybella should not be used on patients with excessive skin laxity (turkey neck).

Three out of four patients will experience bruising and swelling of the tissue under the chin after treatment with Kybella. This must be understood and planned for relative to timing of treatment before a planned event. (Wedding, Holiday Party, Beach Trip, etc.)


In a study of about 500 patients who were 19 to 65 years old, injection site reactions occured in 96% of treated patients including:


Edema/Swelling: 87%

Bruising/ Hematoma: 72%

Pain: 70%

Numbness: 66%

Induration (Localized hardening of soft tissue): 23%

Paresthesia (Shock-like sensation): 14%

Nodule formation: 13%

Pruritus (Itching): 12%

Skin Tightness: 5%

Site Warmth: 4%

Nerve Injury: 4%


Non-Tissue Site Reactions Included:

Headache: 8%

Mouth and Throat Pain: 3%

High Blood Pressure: 3%

Nausea: 2%

Dysphagia (Difficulty or Pain with Swallowing: 2%

Other Adverse Reactions Included injection site discoloration, injection site bleeding, fainting or nearly fainting,swollen lymph nodes, neck pain, and injection site urticaria (hives).


Warning: Kybella can cause nerve injury to the jaw that can cause uneven smile and/or facial muscle weakness. It can also cause problems and pain during swallowing.