Facial Refreshmente


Patients frequently ask what they can expect the first time they are treated with Voluma®.

See Voluma® Before and After HERE

Voluma® is a special formulation of Juvederm® injected to augment the cheeks. It is thicker than the other formulations of Juvederm and is injected only on the cheek bone to restore the lost volume of the cheek area that comes with aging. It restores the triangular shape of the face, by enhancing the "apple" of the cheek, giving the face a more youthful appearance, raising and softening the marionette lines and the tear troughs under the eyes.

Voluma® injections start at $800 per cheek for each 1 cc syringe. The average patient requires 2 to 3 cc's on each side and it lasts 18 months to 2 years according to the manufacturer. A 50% deposit is required to order this product. Call Gretchen for details: 901-432-0173