The 922 Aesthetics® Institute

Thank you for your interest in our training course:

"Safe and Effective Use of

Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers"


Malpractice Insurance

Contact your malpractice carrier to determine if you are covered during the training course. Apply now for changes to your malpractice coverage to include the injection of neurotoxins and dermal fillers. These changes sometimes take weeks to be reviewed by the insurance company's underwriting department and can delay the incorporation of facial aesthetics into your practice.


Licensure and Legal Issues:

We encourage you to keep up with the status of laws and board requirements that govern whether injection of Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers falls within the scope of your practice in the state(s) where you are licensed to practice. We cannot be responsible for monitoring the ever-changing status of regulations by the various Boards in every state.

Please establish that you will be allowed to inject, under what supervisory conditions you will be allowed to inject or supervise injections, and what training is required in the state(s) where you will practice prior to registering for this course.

For nurses, physician's assistants and advanced practice providers, requirements for treatment protocols, collaborative practice agreements, and direct supervision vary by state. Participation in this course does not imply any supervisory or collaborative agreement or liability between the paticipant and Dr. Moran regarding the participant's office practice after the course.

Most Dental Practice Acts prohibit dentists from supervision of injections by dental hygienists. The one exception is Nevada, where hygienists may inject under the direct supervision of a dentist.

According to the Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri Boards of Nursing, registered nurses and advanced practice nurses may inject neurotoxins and dermal fillers under the direct supervision of a licensed and properly trained dentist in those states. Please check with the appropriate board in your state for further clarification.

Unfortunately, we do not offer training to anyone who is not a licensed RN, APN, BSN, MSN, PA, DDS, DMD, DO or MD.

Surprisingly, according to the Alabama Board of Nursing, nurses and advanced practice providers may not inject cosmetic neurotoxins or dermal fillers under any circumstrances in Alabama.

As always, you may call Gretchen if you have any questions or would like additional information: 901-432-0173. If you go to voicemail, please leave a detailed message and we will call you back promptly.