Facial Refreshmente

Our Staff:

Gretchen Moran is the original

"Mrs. Facial Refreshment" for 922 Aesthetics®.

She has been using Botox® and Juvederm® for a few years, and her lovely face has been featured in our advertising campaigns.

She is also the Chief Operating Officer at The 922 Aesthetics® Institute for Facial Refreshment.

She is 126 years old.

(What could a little facial refreshment do for you..?)

Dr. Eddie Moran is a Board-Certified Physician Anesthesiologist. (You will never again see him in a tie).

He has currently practicing anesthesiology and aesthetic medicine. He also trains Physicians, Dentists, Physicians' Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses to inject Botox and Juvederm and how to incorporate facial aesthetics into their existing practices.

If you would like to have conscious sedation for minor surgical or dental procedures in your doctor's or dentist's office, click HERE to learn more.

Dr. Moran named his practices 922 Aesthetics® and 922 Anesthesia® because he dreams of someday working from nine to two.

He has been married to Gretchen for 28 years.

(He likes older women...)

Mrs. Facial Refreshment